Gujarat State - blessed with abundant natural resources, skilled work force and industries friendly policies, is the fastest growing economy in the country – considered to be the growth engine of India and a Global investment Hub.

Panoli GIDC estate is set up in by Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation – an independent body wholly owned by Gujarat Government, to boost the industrial growth in this region The estate is spread over approximately 1057 hectres and various types of industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, Dyes and Intermediates, Textiles, Engineering etc. comprise the texture of the estate.

A huge water reservoir with a complete set of filtration plant, water pumps, distribution lines etc. is provided to cater the water requirement of the industries. A well planned effluent conveying system is also established in this GIDC estate which is a unique and environmentally safe mode of disposal of the effluent generated by Chemical industries.

A common effluent treatment plant – PANOLI ENVIRO TEHCNOLOGY LTD., is in operation since 2001 to cater the needs of comprehensive treatment of effluent for the small scale chemical industries.

For safe disposal of solid and hazardous waste generated by the industries , a secured land fill site is also planned which awaits environmental clearance from GPCB.

A “Pharma SEZ” (HBS Pharma SEZ) is in the advanced stage of construction. Another landmark in Panoli GIDC estate.

All other required infrastructures are in place with well connected carpeted roads and Notified Area Authority and Panoli Industries Association is taking extreme care of maintenance and development of the same.

Construction of an Emergency Response Centre has already been completed which will house Panoli Industries Association, Occupational health centre, Product Display Centre, Communication hub and various other Govt. Offices/facilities under one roof .

With all the above, Panoli GIDC will transform into a vibrant chemical hub very shortly.